Who is


Ade is a democracy rights defender working in Europe, North America, Oceania continents to protect over 7 billion United Nations “UN” electorate representative democracy rights against withdrawing the caucus whip and withdrawing the nomination whip and floor crossing. There are 15 countries without political party government representation, 97.2% of the over 7 billion world population are represented by political party government. Consequently, Ade has written academic articles on knowledge gaps in election law academic journals, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe / Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights “OSCE/ODIHR” Venice Commission guidelines and representative democracy court cases from the European Court of Human Rights “ECtHR”, Court of Justice for the European Union “CJEU”, UN, USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand. He may work on converting 8 years of research into a Ph.D in law and a book.